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Aedan's RuPaul's Drag Race Facebook Rants Coming to This Blog

Aedan Roberts

I'd like to start out with a "BY POPULAR, OVERWHELMING DEMAND!" but honestly the friends who have requested this can be numbered on one hand. So I'll instead start with this: BY MY OWN NARCISSISM'S DEMAND- I am taking all my RPDR Recaps that I originally posted to my Facebook Feed and am giving them a home here where they can be more easily searched for and accessed. 

For those who don't already know: I have, over the years, become a MASSIVE fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, a reality show competition for Drag Queens. And as my love of the show has grown, so has the volume and quantity of my opinions on said Reality TV Show. So much quantity of opinions that it was beginning to overwhelm my loved ones. So I started to do something stupid around the time of Season 6: venting these opinions on my Facebook Feed. It was a way to both collect my thoughts on the episode I just watched and share my ideas with others who didn't mind reading through the mess.

Oddly enough the response was generally positive. It sparked a lot of fun discussions with fellow Drag Race fans (who had me on their feed) and even strengthened friendships with acquaintances I'd only known on a somewhat tertiary level. However, due to the format of Facebook if anyone wanted to go back and re-read previous Rants it would become increasingly difficult.

Which brings me to last week. In anticipation of the upcoming Season 8, and the release of it's Teaser and Meet The Queens clips I wrote up a crazy-long rant giving my first impressions. Once it was posted a few regulars wanted me to take all my old Rants and get them up somewhere accessible. So yes! I'm going to try that here. And hopefully it won't be too messy or seem too out of place amidst all my art postings.

Stay tuned!

PS: I may even update the old posts with a final thought that I'm going to call "Aedan's Hindsight Addendum." We'll see!