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Inner Demons

A while back I was standing on the subway platform at Essex and Delancey waiting for an F train that was taking it's sweet time. While I stood there I decided to sketch the people around me. Luckily right next to me was this fascinating woman. She was haggard, older, and a little unkempt. At first glance I mistook her for homeless- but upon further inspection it proved to be a false presumption. Sure she looked as if she were wearing her entire wardrobe (about five to six shirts and sweaters under a heavy coat and what had to be ten skirts) but she was also clean. Her face was wrinkled and her brow was furrowed, but she was simply old. And the bags surrounding her were not filled with junk, but groceries. She was eccentric, sure, but definitely not homeless.

She was also worried. She had this air about her. This look of impending doom on her face. And as I sketched her I became more interested in the motive behind that expression. When I finished my quick sketch of her I began drawing what I felt represented that dread- this crazy, grinning squid beast creeping up behind her. It came to represent the dread she felt more than what she was actually dreading and that felt right. While my style is cartoonish she was far more rendered and real than the flat, graphic beast I placed behind her and I really enjoyed that mixture of styles. It felt like two completely different worlds. The woman in reality and the demon on some higher plane. I took this idea and decided I liked it so much I wanted to continue the theme into more works.