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Aedan Roberts

It's been a bit since I've updated this. There is a reason for that: I've been entering my annual "HOLY SHIT I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT BEFORE DRAGON CON" crunch-fest. Every evening/weekend/spare moment has had me in my studio desperately trying to squeeze out just one or two more pieces before I have to pack it all up and lug it off to Atlanta.

And that time is quickly approaching. In less than a week I will be on the road and I am gripped with the usual excitement/dread/fear that I experience every time I'm staring at a particularly tight deadline. Hopefully the work I've been able to squeeze out will be enough and the momentum I've acquired this month will continue into the following months- we will have to see.

As for Dragon Con? I wanted to write up how the event will go down for me and where to find me:

Once again I have managed, through the good graces of the wonderful and hard-working staff of the Dragon Con Art Show, to procure not only an entire Bay to display my newest works (and a couple older ones) but also a Booth in the Artist Bazaar! Check out the map for directions to my work:

So pretty much you enter the art show and take an immediate left, walk all the way to the end of the aisle and I'll be there in the corner, next to a big black partition.

I will also have some work in the print shop, which will be located where the Comic& Pop Artist Alley used to be (not entirely sure where that went, but whatever). The show tends to be a massive maze of amazing works- and this year it has only gotten bigger. But don't fear, with this handy map you will find me. Please find me. I will be bored without you!

Hope to see you there!