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Long Absence and Sad News (But Some Happy Stuff!)

Aedan Roberts

I have't been updating this blog for a bit now- but that is entirely for all the right reasons: I have been super busy! (Yaaaaaay.) I've found myself with all the freelance design work I can handle at the moment, which is comforting, helpful, yet also time-consuming. And while I've been drawing and working on my personal art as much as possible it has taken a (very) temporary backseat for the past few weeks.

Which brings me to the sad part: I was unable to plan, prepare, or organize to do MoCCA Fest this year. (BOOOOOO!) I didn't even realize it was this coming weekend! It just shows how I've been caught up in my own little world. And while I will attempt to be there on Sunday it will only be to wander the halls and shmooze with my fellow illustrators. I will be bringing a small amount of Mini Immanis and Nüdtendo Trading Cards, but I sadly won't have a booth. However what I will make sure I do is prepare for next year THIS year. I will make it a point (if I can make it on Sunday) to arrange with someone to share a booth for next year so I won't have to worry about forgetting again.

Anyways I'll be updating really soon with some work I've been excitedly scribbling between freelancing'!