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114 Troutman Street Apt. 225
Brooklyn, NY 11206



Nüdtendo Series: Express Yourself Barista Bar (82 Central Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11206)

Current Projects: 

Immanis: The Inner Demon Series

I've been working on a series of depictions of neurosis, inner demons, psychological disorders, and anxieties. The idea of putting a face to the many quirks and ticks we all have to some degree excites me.


I've been working for the past year on something lighthearted as well: My Nudtendo series. A small, silly satire of the Nintendo character roster- I interpret each character through my own personal style and render them both naked and, to some varying degree, surprised and embarrassed.

 • Kill-bot's Apprentice

I also wanted to start a series based on a couple characters I doodled up as a gift. It was a young toddler-aged boy doing toddler-boy-esque mischief, but instead of an every-day child it turns out he's Kill-bot's apprentice. All of those little acts he's committing is training to one day become a Kill-Bot himself. I loved the dynamic of something so innocent being almost tenderly, lovingly "trained" by the guardian, the war-machine annihilator Kill-bot. There is an obvious affection my Kill-bot has for his apprentice.



2007 Society Of Illustrator's Student Scholarship Award Gallery

2010 Judges Choice - LUNACON

2010 Second Place - DRAGONCON

2011 First Place Best Professional - ARISIA

2011 Popular Choice - ARISIA

2011 Chairman's Choice - ARISIA

2011 Judge's Choice - LUNACON

2012 Judge's Choice - LUNACON

2012 Popular Choice - LUNACON

2012 Guest Of Honor's Choice - ARISIA

2012 Best In Show - ARISIA

2012 Best In Show - BOSKONE

2012 Guest Of Honor's Choice - BOSKONE

2012 Second Place - DRAGONCON